<< I have implemented an accounting system that separately tracks donations that will go directly to the children and donations earmarked for administrative costs. This way, a person making a donation for the purchase of educational materials, for instance, will be completely sure that the full amount will have been used to buy such materials. >> –
Aicha Gerba, CA, CPA

Tax receipts are automatically issued for donations of $20 or more


If giving back to society represents one of your core values, the question need not even be raised. There are millions of people around the world who have been underprivileged in one way or another, and who consequently have been less fortunate in some areas of their lives. We believe that sharing is a value that unites us as human beings, and this is why giving is so important.

For starters, you need to find a cause you hold dear to your heart. You then choose to get involved personally or to delegate your involvement to a foundation that shares your ideals. When it comes to dealing with a foundation, the best advice we can give you is to always feel free to ask questions, regardless of the stature of the foundation, and to take the time to investigate the latter’s activities. It is a donor’s responsibility to get informed on his/her foundation’s activities, just as it is a foundation’s responsibility to implement an efficient system that guarantees the lion’s share of funds received goes toward the cause.

You must always set a donation amount you are comfortable with and that leaves you feeling like you’ve made a difference. Any amount is fine: there is no such thing as a bad donation, as every cent helps. Remember that a donation need not necessarily be monetary; giving of one’s time is also a precious contribution.