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«The aim was to create a transparently managed foundation committed to ensuring that donation monies were not dissipated on administrative costs. In this way, we sought to reach a younger, more skeptical pool of donors who nonetheless wanted to help. » – Habi Gerba, Co-founder



Amina Gerba

MBA, Knight of the Ordre National du Québec
President, Afrique Expansion Inc. and Laboratoires Kariliss.

Aicha Gerba

Commercial credit advisor, Royale Bank of Canada

Habi Gerba

President and designer, Gazelles


A word from the co-founders


In our view, education is one of the most determining factors in preparing a child to succeed in life. In 2010, we decided to create a foundation that would facilitate access to schooling for African children from underprivileged communities. Our aim was to do all we could to help and encourage these youth to pursue their studies and make their dreams come true. We wanted to establish a dynamic and transparent foundation that would attract young donors who wished to do their share by offering their help to a cause dear to them.

With all the scandals surrounding the dubious management of funds donated to charitable organizations, donors need to be assured that their donations are not merely covering administrative costs but actually making their way to those persons in need of aid. This concern for the efficient use of funds is precisely what drove us to establish our own foundation. We do not in any way wish to diminish the exceptional work accomplished year in, year out by other charitable organizations; rather, we seek to offer an alternative, and to encourage other foundations to follow our lead and implement new methods that ensure the monies they receive serve only their cause.











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